Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tanya Burr!

Hello bloggers!

So if you read one of my recent blog posts, I raved about the nail polish I bought from Tanya Burr's range!
I bought one of her products in Little Duck which is a lovely blue/green shade.
If you don't know who Tanya is then check out her blog, YouTube channel & twitter.
You can also find her products on Feelunique.

Tanya is a beauty and fashion blogger and youtuber.
She is beautiful and is amazing, she is definitely one of my all time favourites. I look up to her and she is one of my idols.
One thing that has been going around twitter recently is the hashtag - #TanyaBurrInSuperdrug.
So if you didn't already guess, Tanya's products have been released in Superdrug stores all over the UK.
Sadly, there isn't any in my local superdrug, but there is 2 Superdrugs in Glasgow, which I am going to in a few days, where I will definitely be going crazy in!
All of  Tan's followers and subscribers are so so proud of her, including me!
There is one person in particular who is super proud of her, and that is her fiancé Jim!

This is Jim with Tanya's products in their local Superdrug.

Tanya has come so far recently, from starting YouTube, to finally having her own collection. She never fails to make anyone smile and burst with happiness.

Some of my favourites;

Lipglosses :

Afternoon Tea

Champagne Toast

First Date

Picnic In The Park

Nail Polishes :

Peaches and Cream

Be Bright Be Happy

Little Duck (the one I have)

and obviously many more. I adore ALL of her products and I really do hope she brings out some more, especially seeing as these ones went down so well!

I am honestly so proud and Tanya and I can't thank her enough for what she has done!

We love you Tanya! Keep up the amazing work!

<3 x

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