Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My Morning Make-up Routine!

Hello bloggers!

So today's blog post is going to be my morning makeup routine! I will go through the steps that I do every morning!
I will show a picture of each of the products, also telling you a bit about them!
I also want to say, I am not an expert in make up tutorials etc so I'm sure most of you might do this in different orders or say I'm doing it wrong but this is how I do it and I don't follow anything, I do what I feel each morning.
I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think!
Enjoy ! x

So the first thing I do, is I put a small squirt of my Extra Lasting Foundation from Avon on the back of my hand. I love this foundation and I've always used this one, but I'm quite pale and the shade I have recently is a bit dark.

I then just blend it in a bit with this double sided foundation and concealer brush! (The bigger side if for foundation, obviously. You can see it has been used!)

So because the first foundation is slightly the wrong shade and I'm quite pale, I put on this Gallery Colours foundation on top, which is a very light soft shade. I love this and it's a very good product! I bought this somewhere in England last year, so I don't know if you can get it in many place. I also have never heard of this brand before.

I then just blend this in with one of my favourite brushes at the moment, which is the face brush from the 24K Gold Avon collection! I have had this for ages and one of my best friends bought me the pack of brushes !

The next step I do is I apply my liquid Miss Sporty concealer under my eyes, on some spots and on any blemishes I have! I then just rub that in with my fingers. This shade is 001 Light, which is the lightest of their collection as you know, I'm very pale.

I then usually put my powder on, but sadly mine has run out! I recently purchased a new one only a few days ago but it hasn't arrived yet, so I have to put up without it until it arrives! So I skip that step and the next thing I put on is my blusher which is in the shade 'Desert Flower'! I love this colour and it's such a nice blush.

So that's my face done! The next step I do is starting on my eyes. I use my SuperSHOCK Mascara from Avon. If you haven't already noticed, I love Avon products and have a lot of them! I have had so many Avon mascaras but this is one of my remaining ones! I just put a little bit of this on my top lashes.

I then use my all time favourite mascara which is the Pump Up Booster Mascara from Superdrug! This is amazing and I love the result it gives! It makes your lashes look bigger and more volumised! If you have this, then you will understand what I'm talking about! If not, then I suggest you go and buy it!

I then put on my bottom lashes, my Lash Extreme Volume Mascara! This is great and I've had this for such a long time! I would definitely buy it again but sadly I can't remember where I bought it! I use this on my bottom lashes because it has a smaller wand. This looks like it is pure black but it actually wasn't when I bought it! I've had it for so long and used it so much that all the writing has come off!

I then use my Cosmopolitan Eye Lash Curler to just simply curl my top lashes! It gives them better shape and makes them look bolder and bigger!

I then take my GlamEyes Liquid Eyeliner and put a it across my waterline. I started doing this recently and I felt it made my eyes look a lot better and make them stand out more!

I then take my eyeliner again and put it on my lash line at the top. I vary each day whether it's a very thin line or quite a chunky line. I have to admit, putting eyeliner on my lash line is not my strongest point and sometimes I just fail miserably!

The final step I do is I use my Moisturising Lip Crayon! I have fallen in love with this product and I only bought it a few days ago! It is amazing and really moisturises my lips well and also gives them a nice look. This also smells and tastes amazing! I would highly recommend it! It is also a beautiful shade as I love to wear coral or nude colours on my lips!

So that's my morning make up look!
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and maybe it's given you some tips or some products you could use in the future!
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Thanks for reading, I love you all! :)

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