Monday, 21 April 2014

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review!

Hello bloggers!

So this is just a little review blog post on a product I recently bought. The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation!

I bought this product about 1 week ago from Boots and it cost £7.99. I bought this in the shade Ivory which is what all of my foundations are in.
I have seen loads of reviews on this product and nearly everyone says how great it is so I thought I would try it.

I did actually like this product a lot but there was one thing that was bad and that was that my usual shade was too dark, meaning I have to mix 2 foundations to get the right shade.
I don't know why Ivory was too dark because I have always been using that shade. I guess all foundations are different!

This foundation comes with a pump that is great! I don't like it when foundations don't have pumps such as the Nars Sheer Glow.
This foundation is great when applied and blended in and gives a great finish! I do love this one but I still prefer my Wake Me Up foundation which is what I usually wear!

I would recommend this to people who are looking for a new foundation aswell! Go and buy it!
I would buy this again but probably in a lighter shade!

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