Monday, 7 April 2014

Primark & Superdrug Haul!

Hello bloggers!

Sorry I haven't really been keeping up with blogging very well, but here is a new post! Yesterday, I went on a shopping spree and kinda went mad, mostly in Primark and Superdrug, so I though I would make it into a new post!
Some of the things I might not remember the price of, but I'll try my best!
Enjoy! :)

1. The first thing I picked up from Primark was this lovely jumper. I immediately fell in love with it! It's simple and not to big and thick. Its says 'Michigan' on the front! I love American clothes! This came at a bargain price of only £8!


2. The second thing I got from Primark was this lovely top. It's white and has a swirly pattern on it. It is see through, so is best worn with a white vest or top underneath. This came in at an amazing price of £4! Bargain!

3. The final thing I picked up from Primark were these shorts! I bought these just to wear around the house on a hot sunny day etc. They only cost £3 which is amazing!

4. I then went into Superdrug! The first thing I picked up in here was this concealer brush! It is a good size, looks good, and is super soft!  This only cost £2.59!

5. The next thing I got was this light liquid concealer. It is in the shade 001 Fair, which is the lightest you can get! This was at a knock down price of only £2.99 which is amazing! The brand is Miss Sporty.

6. The next thing I found was this Pump Up Booster Mascara! This is amazing, I used it today when I did my make up and I loved it! I've never used one like it before, but I definitely will now. It has an amazing result! I highly recommend. This only cost £3.99!

7. The next thing I found was this Moisturising Lip Crayon. I also put this on this morning and I love it! It gives a nice feel to your lips, it makes them smooth. It also tastes lovely! This only cost £1.50!

8. The next thing I came across was this 2 in 1, foundation and concealer brush! I only use the foundation side, which I used this morning, because I don't like the other side. The concealer side seems a bit big and hard, so I use the smaller brush that I purchased! This is a great idea though. I can't remember how much it cost, but it was very cheap!

9. The next thing I found was this beautiful colour of nail varnish. It is a nice bright colour and it a good consistency of nail varnish. This only cost £1.

10. The next thing I bought was this Killer Volume Volumising Dry Shampoo! I love using these but this is a new one as I haven't tried the volume one before! This only cost £2.19

11. Moving on from Superdrug, the next thing I picked up was this basic Chit Chat Foundation! This is just a very cheap brand that I use to do a light coat on top of my usual foundation. This was just £1.

12. I also got this basic Chit Chat Blusher. This is actually quite good as I used it this morning too. This is in the shade Desert Flower and is a lovely colour. This again, only cost £1.

13. I then just got a basic classics nail polish remover as I was running out. This only cost £1.50.

14. These were on offer, so I bought 2 of these Intu deodorants. One in Dance and another in Gems. They aren't what I usually get, but they do the job and smell delish. They were 2 for £1.

15. The last thing I got was this nail drying spray. Now I've never had this before so I don't know well it will work, but I hope it does work and I'll give it a try soon! This only cost £1.

So that is some of the things that I bought yesterday!
I hope you liked my very first haul
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Thanks for reading folks!

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