Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Glasgow | Day 2

Hello bloggers!

So it's the second day of my journey and I had a great day again with my family!
We got up around the same time and I spent a lot of time in bed! I was absolutely knackared! Today was a shopping day! This makes me very excited!
We found out way to Buchannan Street and Argyle Street and went through all of the shops, which was great. I then found a Forever 21 and got so excited! Yes, of course I bought something from it! 

I went to a few shops on the highstreet such as Forever 21, Primark, HMV & T.J Hughes. Some great shops and I bought quite a few bits a bobs. Then I went into Buchannan Galleries which is a huge 3 story shopping centre, my heaven. 

Inside there I went to a lot more shops! Such as Superdrug & Boots. My 2 favourites. I literally go mad! I bought a few beauty cosmetic products in there which will definitely be going in the haul! 

I also went into Lakeland where I bought a few bits and pieces for my bedroom! That's a lovely shop too. Not too dear which is great! 

We went for a spot of lunch at Eastern Eats which is in the Food Court of the shopping centre. It was absolutely delicious. I have never tried it before and it was nicer than I expected! It was very filling and I didn't quite finish it but I loved it none the less! 

Eastern Eats is a chinese cuisine and i love chinese, it is my favourite type of food!
I ordered some rice with chips and curry sauce. I loved every bit! 

We then got the Subway to St. Enoch which is another shopping centre with a street full of shops! We went up the street which was quite busy and had some good shops. Sadly we didn't have enough time to go into the St. Enoch shopping centre as it got quite late and I was very tired!

We then went back to the hotel, had a nice chippy for dinner & relaxed the rest of the night!
Another great day full of shopping an great adventures!

Thank you for reading my second day blog of Glasgow! I hope you enjoyed!
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Thanks and I love you all!

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