Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Glasgow | Day 3

Hello bloggers!

Whoo! Another great day ahead! Today was my dads choice on agenda. 
We left quite early and looked for a bus stop nearby. We found a bus stop in George Square (which looks amazing) and got the number 100 bus to Riverside. Today we went to the Riverside Museum.

The Riverside Museum is a transport museum with loads of old cars, bikes, tricycles, motorbikes, trams, buses, police cars & fire engines.

My mam and I weren't too keen on it seeing as it really isn't our cup of tea but we were proven wrong when we got there. We all really enjoyed it.

We went round a few times, going upstairs as well and getting a drink and sweet from the vending machine. I got a bottle of water and a wispa chocolate bar, which is my favourite! 

We then went upstairs to the restaurant cafe (yes I eat a lot) and we got sent to a seat for 3. We got our order taken. I just got a little bowl of chips & milk. My mum got macaroni cheese and water. My dad got the soup of the day which was tomato and vegetable, with tuna and cucumber sandwich with salad and a bottle of Miller. I don't think soup and beer really goes haha!

We finished inside the museum and went out to the Tall Ship. It was a massive ship and you could actually go down into it, like back in the olden days. 

It was quite a nice place and we got a brochure as well. I really enjoyed that. We then got the bus back to George's Square at about 1:30pm. I love George Square, it's a beautiful place and really looks like spring! 

We went to St. Enoch again and went into the shopping centre, seeing as we didn't have enough time last night to go! It was quite a nice place and I got a few bits from Body Shop and got a smoothie but it wasn't as good as the Buchanan Galleries. 

We then got the Subway to Hillhead seeing as there was meant to be a lot of shops there. I've got to say though, I didn't really like it much. There shops weren't very good and i didn't buy anything. 

I really enjoyed today though and enjoyed my shopping trip again. I think it was a day well spent! We got a few bits and bobs on the way back for the hotel etc then went and relaxed again. 

My feet were aching after the amount we walked today and they definitely need a good overnight rest! We are travelling home tomorrow at about 1pm and should be back by 4pm ish. 

I love coming to this city and it's really nice, even though I have always preferred Aberdeen!

Thanks for reading guys, I love you all! 
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