Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Glasgow | Day 1

Hello bloggers!

So today was the day I left for Glasgow! Exciting right? Hell yeah! 
I woke up at like 7:30am which kinda sucks because I love a lie in, who doesn't? We finished the additional packing and off we went at 9:30am!
My grandparents were giving us a ride to the bus stop as it's about half an hour away and we had luggage.
Our bus didn't leave till 11:10am so we went into the Bus Station Cafe for a little while! I got a steak pie and a ribena! It was delicious! I haven't had Ribena in years! We stayed there for a little while before we decided to queue up for the bus, seeing as loads of people were gathering. 

Finally the bus came, there was a little mix up but we got through it! There was 2 buses, seeing as they were double booked and SO many people were travelling. We hopped onto the bus and off we went. We needed to change buses at Perth, so the first bus was 2hr30 minutes and the second was 1hr! Unfortunately, on the first bus, I got a little travel sick but by the time we swapped, I was fine.

We then stopped at Perth, changed buses, and off we went to Glasgow!
We arrived at about 2:40pm. I've got to say, the bus station was massive! I've never seen one so big before! We went to the taxi rank, got in a taxi and went off to the hotel.

We booked ourselves in, got settled and relaxed for a while. We are only staying here for one night, then changing hotels for the other 2 nights. Confusing, I know.

We decided we would go to the Quay, which was just across the road. We went and investigated and found alot of what was there. There was Panda's Chine Cuisine, Harvesters, Alea & even a Nando's!!!

We went into the nearby bowling alley and had a few drinks in there which I enjoyed. It was good craic! 

We then went back to the hotel and relaxed again, seeing as it was about 5pm and our show wasn't till 6:30pm.

We were going to see the Dancing On Ice Tour Final 2014! The doors opened at 6:30pm at the SSE Hydro so we left in good time, When we got there, it was a little busy already.
Then the show started at 7:30pm and it was BRILLIANT! I am not even joking, it was the best thing I have ever seen!
I've grown up watching DOI on Tv since 2005 so I am very sad to see that there will be no more series! 

Besides that, the show was incredible and I was buzzing the whole time! 

So not much happened on Day 1 of my trip, but stay tuned to see the next 3 days! There may even be a haul ;)

Thanks for reading folks, i love you all!
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