Monday, 21 April 2014

Gabriella | velvetgh0st

Hello bloggers!

So today I thought I would do a little blog post on velvetgh0st who is Gabriella Lindley!
First of all, if you don't know who she is then check her out!
Her twitter;
Her YouTube channel;
Her Instagram;

I absolutely adore Gabby, so much! She is also rapidly becoming my favourite beauty youtuber! She posts videos that include Hauls, Tutorials & Favourites!
She has such a nice personality and is so bubbly, which I love!
Her videos are also amazing! I had never heard of her until a while back. So I thought I would check out her channel and immediately fell in love!

She interacts so well with her viewers and her channel is growing bigger and bigger everyday! At the moment, she is only about 100 away from hitting 80k subscribers! That's insane! So if you haven't already, go and head on over to velvetgh0st on YouTube and subscribe!

I have watched all of her videos but my favourite has got to be her tutorials! She uses great products and even though she doesn't always use drugstore products, she will recommend a cheaper version which you could buy!

She isn't afraid to say her opinion, which is an amazing quality to have. She will definitely say if she doesn't like a product which is one of the best things because you don't want to go and buy something that is terrible and waste all of your money!

I have spoken to Gabby a few times before and she is honestly so down to earth! She is also very beautiful and starting YouTube as given her so much confidence! So why don't you do your good deed for the day and head on over to her YouTube or twitter and send her a nice message! Also make her day by subscribing and watching her videos! :)

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