Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Top 5 Holiday Beauty Essentials!

Hello bloggers!

This blog post is just something random that came to mind but think you might enjoy and find useful! This is my top 5 holiday essentials! These will be the 5 things I can't go on holiday without! 

Body spray/deodrant!
Personally, I think it is essential to bring one of your favourite or best body sprays! Especially if your going somewhere hot! Just incase you get a bit sweaty etc!

Pressed Powder
Personally its a MUST to bring some pressed power, just to set your makeup. If you bring your makeup and you go to a hot country, by the end of the day your makeup is likely to be sliding off your face!

Lip balm/butter
I tend to get dry lips ALL the time so I always have some lip balms or lip butters handy!

Simple Light Moisturiser
Moisturiser is a must anyway, especially if you've maybe got dry skin etc. I like to take it everywhere with me and apply before makeup in the morning and after makeup before bed!

A base
The final holiday essential is a base, e.g foundation or BB cream etc! Even if you don't want to be carting your makeup bag on holiday, it's nice to wear a base throught the day!
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