Thursday, 3 April 2014

Lipstick Collection!

Hello bloggers!

I recently went through my big make-up box and came across a lot of lipsticks! Only 5 are normal lipsticks, the others are sample ones. When my mum used to do AVON, she had a big book where you could buy samples of everything for like 50p, so I literally went mad and bought loads! When I liked a colour, I would then buy the big version. Sadly, they don't have my favourite shade anymore, so that sucks! But the good thing is, I decided to do a blog post and my collection! Some of the shades are also quite similar.
The first 5, don't have a colour written on them as they are Verseo so they came out of a big makeup box that my brother bought me a while ago.

*First 5* (Verseo)

1. Pink

2. Pink Pop

3. Amethyst Gold

4. Perfect Pink

5. Frostiest Mauve

6. Rose Sorbet

7. Silky Pink (my fave)

8. Sugary Pink

9. Twinkle Pink

10. Pink Sizzle

11. Baby Lips

So that's my lipstick collection!
I know it's kind of a crappy post but here it is anyway!
Why don't you comment your favourite shade or show me your collection?
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