Sunday, 23 March 2014

What's in my make-up bag?

Hello bloggers!

Today, my blog post is going to be the old famous 'what's in my make up bag?'
I will have no idea of the prices or where I bought them but I'm sure you'd be able to find out!
I hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments if you have any of these products or if you have any you want me to try out!


1. The first mascara I have, (which is sadly nearly finished) is SuperSHOCK from Avon! It's not to pricey and it good quality. I have used many products from Avon and they are all really good! I did actually get this product for free though.
2. The second mascara that I have is Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara. This has got to be the best mascara I have ever owned but sadly it is coming to an end so I will need to find out where I bought it so I can re-purchase it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!


1. Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation
I have always bought this foundation as it gives a lovely finish and is really good! It may be quite pricey for some people but does a great job! I also remember that I got this from Avon too! I got this in the 'Ivory' shade as that complements my skin tone very well.

2. The second foundation I have is Miracle Matte Foundation. The bottle says it's Matte Satin Flawless Finish and is OIL FREE - SPF 15. Now I wasn't too keen on this foundation as I didn't really like the way I had to apply it. This may just be because I got the wrong shade as I bought it in 17 - Natural instead of Ivory as I couldn't find the right one.

3. The third and final foundation that I have at the moment is GALLERY Colours Fresh Moisture Liquid Foundation. This is quite a good foundation that I am using right now and I have it in the shade Ivory. It seems quite a pinky ivory as it doesn't look like the usual shade but overall, it's a good product.


1. Firstly I have SUNKISSED BRONZING PEARLS. I don't tend to use this very much as some of the pearls are quite dark and I have very light skin. I am very pale! But overall it gives a lovely finish.

2. This isn't really a make-up product but it's a brush. It is a Laura Paige brush. It is quite good quality but it is very big, so sometimes it will smother you, especially if you have a small face. It used to be my mother's so I have no idea if you would still be able to purchase it anywhere!

3. The next thing I own is a very good product and probably the best I've owned. It is Glam'eyes Professional Liquid Liner. This is a Rimmel London product so it wasn't very cheap. I bought this in Superdrug so if you would like to purchase it then I'm sure it would be wherever you live! You should try it out!

4. The next few things are 'Simple' products, which I absolutely love! I love this brand as they have everything you need and always do a great job! The first thing is 'KIND TO EYES - Eye Make-up Remover'. Sometimes I have a job trying to get my mascara off, especially if it's waterproof, but this product removes any type of mascara. Try it out!

5. The next product is 'KIND TO EYES - Eye roll-on'. Now I get bags under my eyes quite often, so this product works wonders as it wakes up tired eyes! I would definitely recommend it to anyone! Check it out!

6. The final 'Simple' product I own is 'KIND TO SKIN - hydrating light moisturiser'. Now this is an amazing product and I put it on when I wake up, and before I go to bed. It reduced pores and moisturises your skin to make is smooth. You should definitely buy this product as it isn't too pricey.

7. The final product I have in my make-up bag is Barry M Limited Edition Lip Gloss. This is probably one of my favourite lip glosses, hence why it's in my make-up bag! I do like Barry M so this is a very good lip gloss. It is silver, with sparkles through it.

Just in case you were wondering, this is my make-up bag that I carry around with me. I have one that I keep a home but this one I have in my bag!

So to finish off this blog post, I'd like you to comment which product you liked from the ones above, and also which your favourite is from your make-up bag!
Thanks for reading, byeee!
:) <3

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