Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Too Much Information Tag!

Hello there bloggers!
So I saw Jim Chapman do a video recently called the TMI Tag and thought it would be a good idea to do!
It's loads of questions, like Too Much Information!
I have seen many youtubers do this and it's quite interesting so I hope I don't bore you!
So here it is, you can even do this yourself if you like, Enjoy! 😊💕

Q1. What are you wearing?
A. Well right now, I'm wearing some pinky/purple shorts from Primark, a navy hooded jumper from Primary and a plain and simple vest underneath!

Q2. How tall are you?
A. I'm quite an average height I think, I'm about 5'6" maybe even 5'7"

Q3. Do you have any tattoos?
A. Nope, I have none but I've always wanted some and hopefully plan to get some in the future!

Q4. Any piercings?
A. Yes! I have 2 piercings, both in each ear :)

Q5. Your OTP?
A. I have more than 1, if that's even allowed or not, I don't know! But mine are Janya = Jim & Tanya and Zalfie = Zoe & Alfie!

Q6. Favourite show?
A. Probably Casualty as I LOVE medical shows and hope to pursue a medical career! :)

Q7. Something you miss?
A. Someone I used to be really close to!

Q8. Favourite song?
A. Well right now it would definitely be All Of Me by John Legend!

Q9. Zodiac sign?
A. Taurus!

Q10. Quality you look for in a partner?
A. Well the biggest quality would be someone who could have a laugh. Someone who likes to joke about and have fun and not too serious!

Q11. Favourite quote?
A. So I don't just have 1 favourite quote so I'm going to list a few of them.
1 - "The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday"
2 -  "Some people learn to dance, others were born to"
3  - "I live my life a quarter of a mile at a time, for those 10 seconds or less, I'm free"

Q12. Favourite actor?
A. Definitely Jason Statham. No questions asked.

Q13. Favourite colour?
A. Blue!

Q14. How long does it take you to shower?
A. Well I'm sure a lot of people take way longer than me but the showers is a place I like to think so probably about 15 minutes.

Q15. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
A. Not that long actually, only about 30 minutes

Q16. Turn on's
A. Fun, funny, confident, laidback, affectionate.

Q17. Turn off's
A. Rude, arrogant, boring.

Q18. What are your fears?
A. Spiders! (I have arachnophobia!)

Q19. Last thing that made you cry?
A. Well it was last night when I was watching a TV show, I cried when an elderly person died. I find this very hard hitting and on top of that, I'm a very emotional and sensitive person so I cry at like everything!

Q20. The last book you read?
A. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks!

Q21. The book you are currently reading?
A. I am just coming to the end of Dear John which is also by Nicholas Sparks

Q22. The last show you watched?
A. Prison Break!

Q23. The last person you talked to?
A. My dad!

Q24. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
A. Best friends!

Q25. Favourite food?
A. Chicken & chips!

Q26. Place you want to visit?
A. I want to travel the whole world and everything it has to offer! I want to see everywhere and everything because it seems amazing and inspires me! The place I have ALWAYS wanted to go to, would be Rio De Janeiro in Brazil! (I also want to move when I am older!)

Q27. The last place you were?
A. School!

Q28. Favourite flavour of sweet?
A. I don't know if this is classed as a flavour but probably sour!

Q29. Favourite piece of jewellery?
A. I have 2 gold rings which mean a lot because they are quite old and used to be my mothers!

Q30. Last sport you played?
A. Basketball!

Q31. The last song you sang?
A. Towers by Little Mix I think!

Q32. The last time you hang out with someone?
A. Last night!

Q33. Who should answer these questions next?
A. Why not you? If your starting a blog but don't know what to start off with, why not use this! It's simple and easy and your readers will get to know you a lot better! I would love it if you would comment the links to your blog if you did this so I can read them! :)



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