Sunday, 30 March 2014

Asos Spree!

Hello bloggers!

Happy Mothers Day! :)
So you might know, if you read one of my previous blog posts, that it's nearly my birthday and I kind of went mad on the online shopping!
I went onto the MAC website and did a blog post on it. Click here if you would like to read it!
I went onto many websites so I decided I would do more than one blog post.
This one is going to be on ASOS!
I absolutely adore this shop and loved all they had in stock!
Here is some of the pieces I loved.

Love Lace Detail Playsuit - £22

2. Noisy May Macy Short Leather Look Jacket - £38

3. Caggie Low Chelsea Boots - £24.99

4. Timeless Pluto Flat Boot - £22.50

5. Motel Aztec Playsuit - £25

6. Monki Feather Print T-Shirt - £18

7. ASOS Luxe T-Shirt In Stripe - £18

So that's what I loved from ASOS!
I'm sorry that some don't have the links to the website!
Why don't you comment your favourite piece of clothing or accessory from ASOS?
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