Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Safe Haven; Book Review!

Hello bloggers!

You probably didn't know this but i'm quite a reader and do love a good book, especially romance.
It's an amazing genre and really grips you, giving you a chance for your imagination to run wild!
The last book I read was Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, which is now a very popular film.
Nicholas Sparks is my favourite author and I can't get enough of his books! 
I truly loved this book and it was my favourite, so I decided I'd let all of yous know about it!
I hope this makes you want to buy and read the book if you haven't already!
If you don't know the plot, then I'll simply summarise it for you.

It starts off with a woman who is on the run from her abusive husband, who is a police officer. 
She runs away one night and travels on a bus which goes to Atlanta but she stops in Southport and decides to stay there.
She buys a little house and tries not to make many friends.
She tries to keep to herself but her neighbour pries herself into her life.
She soon meets a man who runs a shop nearby.
She visits quite a few times before they start talking and getting to know each other.
In the end, they do fall for each other but her husband comes on the look for her and tries to track down her new identity.

I won't give away the ending but it's a very gripping story and i'm sure you will love it.
I hope this gave you an insight and you might want to buy it! šŸ’•

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