Sunday, 9 March 2014


Hello there guys!

This is the start of my first ever blog :)

I hope you will start reading it and hopefully even enjoy it!

This is just an introduction to tell you about what is going to happen!

I will hopefully be posting every second day if people decide to read my blog.

I will be posting things about Reviews, Beauty & Lifestyle!


I will be writing plenty reviews.
Maybe some things on some films I've seen recently, maybe albums, TV shows, anything really!
I would love it if you could all also comment something you'd like me to review sometime.


I will also be writing some things about beauty.
I'm not an expert though.
I could write about some new products I've tried as I like to experiment a lot.
Maybe make-up products, care products, hair products, anything!
You can also request!


Now if I'm being honest, I love interior design.
I would probably write about that in this section.
This is basically a random section where I could write about any lifestyle things I come across.

So this is the introduction and I hope you like it!
I hope many of you will read my blog as I've been wanting to do this for ages !
I want this to go well too!
So please comment anything you'd like and please read my blog :)
Thank you!

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