Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Little Duck

Hello bloggers!

A few days ago I got a very special and exciting package!
I got a box from and inside was the nail varnish I ordered from Tanya Burr's collection!
It really made my day!
I ordered 'Little Duck' nail polish which is a green pastel colour!
It's a lovely colour and is a really nice spring colour to wear when you freshly paint your nails!
Tanya Burr has a whole collection of colours from pastel pink to dark red so it really fits any outfit.
She wore 'Mischief Madness' which is a dark red at the Brits and it looked beautiful!
She also had her own range of lip glosses which come in different colours. I haven't purchased one of them yet.
The whole collection is called TanyaBurrLipsAndNails !
The nail varnish only costs £5.99 and the lip gloss is £6.99 which are both very cheap and reasonable prices.
I highly recommend you purchase either one or maybe even both, you will not regret it!
You can buy from and now even places like Superdrug! 
I hope this blog post will have inspired you to buy one :) 
Here are some pictures! šŸ’•

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