Monday, 31 March 2014

Aéropostale Spree!

Hello bloggers!

So here I am again, doing another website spree! These are my favourite thing to do right now so there definitely will be quite a few!
As you can tell by the title, this time it's going to be about Aeropostale !
Now this website has recently started to deliver to the UK so it's the perfect chance to start browsing!
So once again, here are my favourite pieces I found!
Enjoy! :)

1. O2 Crew Sweatshirt - £15.31

2. Geo Tote - £15.31

3. Sleeveless V-Neck Hi-Lo Tank - £22.77

4. Solid Fit & Flare Dress - £24.50

5. Cut-Out Buckle Bootie - £30.62

6. Pretty Little Liars Hanna Triangle Short-Strand Necklace - £7.46

7. Dobby Scarf - £7.65

8. Classis Wayfarer Sunglasses - £7.46

9. Lip Crayon - £4.21

So that's all I found from Aeropostale!
Stay tuned for my next blog post where I go back to aeropostale, but check out the Bethany Mota collection! It's gonna be fab!
Why don't you comment which your favourite piece was?
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Thanks for reading folks!

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