Sunday, 9 March 2014

Company Mag; Zoella!

Hello there guys!
So there is something I want to share with you all! If your into blogging then you probably already know about this, but have any of you bought the 'COMPANY' magazine recently!?

Many of you know the blogger and youtuber - Zoella!
{Check it out if you haven't already}

Well she is on the front cover of the recent issue!
She recently hit 4 million subscribers on YouTube aswell, loads of you love her, as do I!

Click this link to be sent to her YouTube Channel;
Zoella's YouTube Channel
Click this link to be sent to her Blog;
Zoella's Blog!

I'm sure many of you will enjoy watching her videos and reading through her amazing blog!
I actually got the inspiration for all of this from Zoe as I absolutely love her to bits! :)

Look out for this issue in a store near you!

She writes about Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle!
I hope to be buying this issue today and I'll let you know about it in another blog post if you'd like!
Thanks for reading!
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