Friday, 21 March 2014

Travel Wishes

Hello bloggers!

This blog post is on 'Travel Wishes!'
So basically I'll be talking about places I'd love to travel to or maybe even move to!
I'll list my top 10 and why.
My dream is to travel the world!
If you've ever been to any of these places or even live there then please comment, it would be nice to know :)

1. London!
Even though I live in the UK, I've never been to London but always wanted to go!

2. Barcelona!
I love hot places and never been to Spain before. I know people who have gone here so I'd like to go!

3. Dallas, Texas!
I've always love watching the old TV series 'Dallas' and it really got my interested in Texas so I'd love to go!

4. Rio, Brazil!
This has ALWAYS been the main place I want to go! I want to see the massive main statue (don't remember the name) and just explore!

5. Brighton!
I love being by the seaside and if you didn't already know, I love youtubers/bloggers like Zoe&Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler & Alfie Deyes!
They're always in Brighton and a few even live there so I always see what it's like in vlogs! It looks amazing and I want to move there!

6. Australia!
It seems an amazing place! Lovely and hot, the accents are amazing too!

7. Ireland!
Oh my god don't even get me started! Ireland isn't far away from where I live and I'd love to go there! It's on my bucket list! My grandparents go there quite  alot too!

8. New York!
My best friend has been there many times and she loved it! She tells me all the amazing stuff about it and I've seen photos, it looks amazing!

9. Alabama!
One word. Perfect!

10. Bahamas!
Sun. Sea. Sand. Beaches. Amazing!

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Thank you for reading :) byeee!

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