Sunday, 30 March 2014

Boohoo Spree!

Hello bloggers!

So it's another spree blog post! I hope you like these because there has been quite a few and I love doing them!
This time, I went onto the Boohoo website and picked out a few of my favourite pieces and now I'm going to share them with you!
I hope you like it!
Enjoy! :)

1. Izzy Zig Zag Contrast Knit Jumper - £15

2. Skylar Dip Dye Cable Jumper - £18

3.  Phoebe Zip Back Sports Knit Soft Tunic Jumper - £15

4. Tanya Twist Neck Tunic Jumper - £15

5. Tamara Marl Knit Elbow Patch Jumper - £15

6. Cora Fisherman Knit Jumper - £10

7. Amerie High Shine High Waisted Disco Pants - £8

So I hope you liked this blog post!
I love BooHoo! It's such a great, cheap store!
Why don't you comment what your favourite piece from BooHoo is?
I'd love to know!
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Thanks for reading! :)

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