Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Dear John; Book Review!

Hello bloggers!

So my previous post I did was a review on the book Safe Haven by the amazing Nicholas Sparks! 
I just finished another N.S book and decided I'd also do a review on this one as it was just as good as the other!
This will be about the book Dear John which is now also a famous film.

I really prefer to read the book first as I get a perspective of what I imagine it to be like. Sometimes the film can ruin your perspective, sometimes not.

I read this book before I watched the film as I prefer it this was, it gives me a chance to really imagine it.
I've got to be honest, the book was 100x better than the film as the film was alot different from what I expected, but both were very good!

I'm not going to give you a summary of the book because it will ruin it so you'll just have to buy it and read it for yourself! ☺ I promise you will enjoy it!

Thanks for reading guys, bye! 
See you in my next blog post!

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