Sunday, 23 March 2014

Latest Perfumes!

Hello bloggers!

So i'm doing an art project about cosmetics and I ended up doing a tonal study of my perfume bottle and came up with this idea!
I have quite a few lovely perfumes, and if i'm honest, i'm quite obsessed with them!
So i'm going to do a review on my latest and best perfumes !
If you have any reviews of your own on these perfumes or have any ideas for me, please comment!
Enjoy ☺💕

1st perfume, which is my favourite, is Lady Million by Paco Rabanne.

It's a beautiful perfume and has an amazing smell! It looks great too! It isn't too pricey, maybe about the £25 mark so that's quite good too.

2nd perfume is Our Moment by One Direction.

This is a cute little bottle with a nice smell. They come in 3 different sizes so there is 3 different prices.

3rd perfume is CK IN2U.

This will always be my all time favourite because it's a lovely bottle and had the best smell! It only costs about £15-£20, depending where you buy it from.

My final perfume is Sheer Passion by Sapphire Perri.

This perfume has a nice smell and a cute butterfly bottle. This will instantly make you want to buy it, and ever better, it only costs about £5.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about my perfumes and might even buy them in the future!☺💕

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