Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Shoe Collection!

Hello bloggers!

So after doing my shoe spree/wishlist blog post recently I came up with the idea of doing my shoe collection! Just to start off, I don't have a lot of shoes like you might expect and I will have no idea of where I got them and how much they were! I hope you like this blog post! If you have any ideas for upcoming blog posts then please comment them below! Enjoy!


The first is my pumps! My favourite!

Yes, I know my feet look horrible and I am so so pale! I usually wear them with tights if I'm wearing shorts but when I wear them to school, I have jeans on, so I will put on my ankle tights! I love these and I wear them everyday!
The next is my Vans.

I haven't worn these in a while as it's summer but as you can see, these have been worn a lot! This is my second pair of vans and my first ones were blue! I didn't get blue laces with these, I got white but I changed them to blue!
The next ones are my boots!

These are the boots I wear in the winter, mostly to school! I wore these ALL THE TIME when I first got them, but then I got my pumps for summer. These are suede boots, have 2 zips on each side and have studs up the back.
The next ones are my Nike high tops!

These used to rub my when I first bought them, so I didn't wear them much but last year I had started wearing them so much! I really loved these and they're so sturdy. These were quite expensive because they're Nike aswell.
The next are my black converse!

These are quite dirty as I used to wear them a lot. I sometimes wear them with shorts but I would have preferred white ones. These can basically go with anything which is great.
These next ones are simple grey plimsolls.

These are so so dirty and worn out as I used to wear them constantly! I need to buy a new pair of these. They work the same as the converse and basically go with anything.
The final shoes are my wedges!

I love these! I got them last year for prom and they are so nice! I prefer wedges to actual heels so that's why I chose these and whenever I don't wear them , I keep them in the box! I'll wear these for parties, weddings, proms and anything fancy.
So that's all my shoes for this blog post! I do have a pair of gladiator sandals but I couldn't find them for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed and why don't you comment your favourite pair of shoes that you own!
Lots of love,
Vikki x

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