Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Nightime Routine!

Hello bloggers!

So this is a blog post I've been wanting to do for a while but just really put it off! I decided to do it now because I got a few new products that I use recently. This is going to be my night time routine and what I do before I go to bed! I don't use all of these products at the same time every night, I change it around each night but I'm just going to include everything. Enjoy!

First I take my facial wipes and take all my makeup off.
I will then use my Simple Eye Makeup Remover to make sure all of my mascara and eyeliner is removed.
Next I take my Tea Tree Facial Scrub.

To apply just wet you face. Rub over a makeup free face and neck in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly. Pat face dry.
The next thing I use is my Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash.
To apply just squirt some onto your palm. Rub over your face in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly. Pat face dry.
 Then I use my Garnier Softening Toner which I love!
To apply just put some onto a cotton pad. Rub over face in circular motions. Let it sink in.
The next thing I use it my DermaV10 cream.
If I need to, I'll put on some of my Cien Soft Moisturising Body Cream. I don't like to use this very often as it isn't one of my favourite products.
The final product I like to use to finish off and make me ready to sleep, I use my Garnier Normal to Dry Skin Moisturiser.
That's it for todays blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any ideas for other posts then leave them in the comments!
Lots of love,

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