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June Favourites!

Hello bloggers!

Seeing as it's a few days into July now, I thought I better do my June favourites! I didn't do a May one but I did an April one, you can check that out here - April Favourites
This is going to consist of some beauty products, hair products, a tv show, a human favourite and maybe a book favourite. A whole range! I hope this gives you some ideas and tips as well and I hope you like it. Please leave a comment on a blog post you'd like me to do next. Enjoy!

My first beauty favourite has been my kabuki brush.

Now I love this for applying my pressed powder to set my makeup. It's a cute little handy brush that is so soft and fluffy and it's very compact so good for travelling. You can basically get one of there anywhere. I got this in Primark for about £1.
My second beauty favourite has been my Miss Sporty So Matte Foundation.

This was just a cheap buy that I bought a while ago but it's a great shade for my skin tone. I got this in the shade Ivory and it matches so well! I'm very pale so it's usually hard to get a foundation that matches perfectly but apart from the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, this is the closest I've gotten! I got this in Superdrug for about £4.99 I think.

The next beauty favourite I have is my ColourTrend Lipstick

This is a very summery bright pink colour and that's why I love it. It basically goes with any makeup look that's not too heavy on the eyes. I have this in the shade Gone Pink and I got it from AVON for about £3 I think, I can't really remember. I love my lipsticks but this is probably my favourite one!

 The 4th beauty favourite is my MUA Bronzer
 This isn't too dark of a bronzer which is good for me because as I said, I'm very pale. I always have to look for a good bronzer that compliments my skin tone and when I wear it, I never put much on. I also want to invest in the Body Shop Honey Bronzer as it looks like a great pale shade but right now, this is a great one that I love using. I also got this in Superdrug for about £2.
The final beauty favourite is my Naked 3 Palette!

 This is one of my favourite beauty products ever! I don't always wear eyeshadow but this has made it 10x better! I'm obsessed with this! The thing is, I would never pay the original price for it as I find it way to expensive so I got it off amazon for a way cheaper price. My most used shades are 'Strange' for highlighting my brow bone, Dust, Burnout, Buzz, Nooner and Trick. I also use Factory for my eyebrows a lot with an angled brush.
 Moving on from the beauty section, my next favourite has been the Secret Fantasy Star Body Mist.
 This is just a lovely shimmery mist you can always carry with you in your handbag. It's compact and really handy to have. It also smells delicious! I love this and I use it all the time. I got this from AVON for a few pounds. Bargain.
My next favourite is my Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray.

I love this! I've wanted a Sea Salt Spray for ages and I finally bought this one and I'm loving it! I spray a bit of this on damp hair after a shower. The only thing I don't like is on the packaging, they put a massive barcode at the front! This really bugs me! I got this in Boots for £4.99
The next favourite is another hair favourite and it's the Style Expertise Smooth Taming Anti-Frizz Serum 04.

This is quite a small compact bottle but it does go a long way. Personally, this is the best thing I've ever bought! I get such frizzy hair after a shower and applying this does a world of good! You just take a small few squirts onto your fingers and run it through your damp hair. As soon as you put it on you can tell a massive difference and then when you dry your hair, it's literally silky smooth! This is amazing and I'm so so happy with it! I got this in Superdrug for £3.
The next favourite is a skin favourite and it's the Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser.
This is also another amazing product! I usually buy Simple products but this time I went for a Garnier product. It's a moisturiser for Normal to Dry Skin and it really works well! It's a small bottle but still goes far. It's not one of them products where when you put it on, it goes all sticky and you have to wait ages for it to dry. It sinks into your skin straight away and leaves it feeling silky soft. I got this in Tesco for £2
The next favourite is a jewellery product and it's my favourite necklace at the moment.
This is such a beautiful necklace and I love it. It goes with most of my closet and it's a lovely shiny gold colour. I can't get over how pretty it looks! As you can see from the second picture, it has bits where it points out and goes back down again. This makes it look even more amazing. I haven't yet bought a necklace as good as this. I got this in Primark for £3
The next favourite is a book and it's Dear John by my favourite author, Nicholas Sparks.

Most of you have probably watched the film and aren't much of a reader so didn't read the book! Well I highly suggest you do because it's so good and catching! You'll be sucked in straight away, just like I was. Nicholas Sparks is my favourite author and most of his books are now movies but I prefer to read the book first as I always get an imagination of what it's like in reality. This is a lovely romantic book and I highly recommend you buy it.
 So my second last favourite is my TV show favourite and it's Suits!
This is such an amazing show! It's an American drama show and it's on Netflix. Tanya Burr recommended this and I was quickly hooked when I started watching it. It has a great story line and each character is different! It's a very law related show so if you like that then I suggest you watch it! The main characters are Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Specter and Patrick J Adams who plays Mike Ross. I am currently on Season 3 and I'm watching episodes back to back!
 The final June favourite I have is a human favourite and it's Meghan Markle!
She plays Rachel Zane in Suits and that's how I found out about her! She is beautiful and I love her personality. She is an American fashion model, spokesmodel, and actress. She is truly beautiful and an amazing actress and I've been obsessed with her lately! (not in a creepy way!) You should seriously check her out!
Well I hope you enjoyed this REALLY long blog post that literally took me about 2 hours to write! Look out for a new post coming soon!
Lots of love,
Vikki x

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  1. Meghan Markle<33 Heck yesss! #girlcrush and I've recently found out that she has her own blog, which is! It's amazing :) and I also enjoyed that Dear John movie.