Friday, 18 July 2014

Healthy Chocolate Mousse Recipe!

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A chocolate mousse recipe without the guilt? This version is lighter on the cals but still heavy on the comfort. Enjoy!

100g dark chocolate, plus extra to decorate
1 tbsp. agave syrup
6 large free-range egg whites
30g caster sugar


1. Gently melt the chocolate with the agave in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water (don’t let the water touch the bowl), stirring occasionally. It should take about 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly.

2. Meanwhile, whisk the egg whites in a large mixing bowl until they form stiff peaks. Whisk in the sugar until the egg whites become glossy. Fold a little of the whisked egg white into the cooled chocolate mixture to loosen. Fold the remaining egg whites into the chocolate mixture, little by little, taking care not to knock out the air. Divide among 6 glasses (about 60g each), then chill for at least 30 minutes.

3.  Serve the chilled mousses topped with extra flakes of dark chocolate.

❤ Yummy! A delicious chocolate mousse which you can enjoy without worrying about all the calories! ❤
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