Monday, 26 January 2015

YouTuber Recommendations...

Hey everyone!

Most bloggers have a YouTube channel. As much as I love reading peoples blog posts, I do prefer watching them in a video. I find it's better and easier and you can connect more with them. You really get an insight into them and how their life is and all the things they love. You get to learn a little more about them.

I'm going to take you through my top 10 YouTube recommendations. Some have blogs on the side, some don't. Let me know if you have watched or like any of these! Enjoy!

1. Tati - Tati is quickly becoming one of my favourite YouTubers. She is beautiful, friendly and you will immediately fall in love with her. She uploads 5 times a week, which is amazing. She has her own series on her channel, e.g Hot Or Not and Madness Monday.

2. HelloOctoberxo - Suzie is a new addition to my subscription list and I'm not regretting it! She uploads regularly and on time and her videos are amazing. She's so kind and clearly puts alot of work into her videos.

3. Shaaanxo - I was subscribed to Shannon for a long time but never really watched her videos but now, I'm watching them consistently and can never wait until she uploads. She is my all time favourite YouTuber right now and she deserves much more subs. Her videos are amazing and she works so hard on them. You should sub to her immediately!

4. Karissa Pukas - Karissa is a Canadian girl who lives in Australia and she is also friends with Shannon from Shaaanxo along with Chloe Morello and Lauren Curtis. She doesn't upload that often but when she does, her videos are amazing and she has some great ideas. She has her own series called TMI Tuesday.

5. I'mHereForever (Emily-Victoria Canham) - M is beautiful and basically has the whole package! She uploads well and although I'm not too keen on all of her videos, the ones I do like are great! You'll immediately fall in love with her.

6. themaddiebruce - I only found Maddie a couple of days ago but I'm wondering why I didn't find her earlier! She is amazing and is a natural infront of the camera. I can't wait to get to know her and watch all her new and old videos.

7. Eve Bennett - I know Eve personally from Twitter and I've watched her since the beginning. I watched her when she was in DailySix and then when she got her own channel. She is a young aspiring YouTuber and her channel has grown to over 17k subs. You should check her out! She has amazing videos.

8. eleventhgorgeous - Tracy and Stefanie are identical twins and they are so funny to watch. They're the kind of twins that say everything at the same time and just make you laugh. This is a good channel if you're more into affordable makeup and they have great tips videos.

9. Lucy&Lydia - Lucy and Lydia are also twins and they are just amazing. They're so bubbly and you will fall in love with them so quickly. They are fun and kind and friendly and they're videos are up-to-date and they're in with the hype. You can't not love them. They're videos are great too.

10. Carli Bybel - Carli has a mix of videos on her channel. She has beauty and even some keep fit/exercise videos. She posts regularly and she is easy to get to know. You'll love her and she is a recent find, but now one of my favourites.

QOTD - Who's your favourite YouTuber?

Vikki xoxo

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