Friday, 9 January 2015

Five Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow!

Hey everyone!

Now, I'm sure all of us love a bit of Instagram, right? It's my holy grail! I am constantly on it. I decided to wrap up my top 5 beauty accounts that I recommend you all check out and follow. Here they are :)

BubblyMichelle - Easily one of my favourite beauty blogger accounts on Instagram. I absolutely love her and her posts are always looking fabulous.

Cristy_Nottingham - I adore her account. It's beautiful and I'm totally in love with it! Also, her blog is amazing and I mentioned her in one of my recent posts.

thesundaygirluk - I can't get enough of her account on Instagram and also her blog. If you have never heard of her, where have you been?! Go check her out and give her a follow, you won't regret it.

sarahlovsmakeup - Her photography skills are amazing and all her posts are so beautiful! Also, she owns heaps of great makeup!

twopinkplease - Her photos are so so good and she takes alot of photos of swatches, so if you want to see a swatch of a product, then check her out!

A little bit of self promo, I don't have a beauty account but if you want then my personal account is - vikki__louise :)

Vikki xoxo

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  1. I love finding new beauty bloggers to friend on Instagram (: it makes me feel more connected to the community! (: