Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Best Dry Shampoo In The World!

Hey everyone!

I'm doing this post a little late but for Christmas I got the new Co-Lab dry shampoo. Let me just say, oh my gosh! It's absolutely amazing! I can't even rave enough about this product.

They come in loads of different scents and they're called different cities, I got the Rio one but there is also ones like New York etc.

I usually use Batiste but this is so much better! I tell you now. This leaves no white residue on you're hair that makes you look grey!

It smells amazing, the packaging is so attracting and beautiful and overall it's such a perfect product and I will definitely be buying it myself soon when I run out. 

This is amazing at giving your hair the 'out of shower' clean feeling and it also leaves your hair nice and silky smooth, which you don't always get with a dry shampoo. 

This is definitely worth the money and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Vikki xoxo

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  1. Never tried them before, I must try though!

    Lovely post :)