Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Balm Nude'tude Palette!

Recently I got a new palette! I had seen M from Emily-Victoria Canham on YouTube using this palette and she was raving about how much she loved it, so I decided to purchase it too! I think this is a great nude palette, maybe for someone starting out in eyeshadow as it's got alot of neutral colours in it. 
These eyeshadows are so amazing and I'd never purchased anything from The Balm before so I am so impressed with this brand! I will definitely be purchasing some more products from there. The eyeshadows in this palette and so bold and pigmented and give really great colour payoff. It's not the kind of eyeshadows you need to be rubbing your brush in all the time to get colour to go onto it, they go on the brush straight away and are really bold on the eye. They show up really well. You also get a shadow/liner brush with this palette as you do with most eyeshadow palettes.

The colours:
Top row - left to right
Sassy - Stubborn - Selfish - Sophisticated - Sexy - Serious
Bottom row - left to right
Snobby - Stand Offish - Sultry - Seductive - Silly - Sleek

I also love the names of all these shades, I think it's a really well thought out palette and I highly recommend it to anyone as it's not too pricey either. It would make a great gift to a friend, sister or your mum! My favourite shades are Sassy, Stubborn and Sexy.

Let me know in the comments if you have this palette and what your favourite shades are! 

Vikki xoxo

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