Friday, 13 March 2015

My Dry Shampoo Recommendations!

If there's one product I love the most, it's dry shampoo. It's the perfect product in times of need and there is such a variety, so there is one to suit everyone. I'm sure most of you know about these brands and products and the majority of you will own one!

My favourite brand for dry shampoo is Batiste. It's an affordable drugstore dry shampoo and there is so many available. Also, they're not hard to find and they're probably local to you.  Then, Ruth Crilly from YouTube brought out her own dry shampoo brand and I've been loving it! Maybe even more than Batiste...

Her brand is called CO Lab and she has a range of bottles, all named after cities. I bought the RIO one, which is a tropical fragrance as RIO is one of my favourite places in the world! I am yet to try any of her other products from this collection.

My two favourite Batiste dry shampoos are Tropical and Blush. These scents are, personally, the nicest and I haven't tried many others. When using this product, you can get some white leftover residue so spray it from a distance into the roots and use your fingers to rub through the scalp.

Both of these brands give amazing volume to the hair and leave it feeling refreshed. If you have any other dry shampoo recommendations, comment below as I love trying new ones out!

Vikki xoxo


  1. I'm currently loving the herbal essences nearly naked one! It's great and smells so good!

    1. That one looks great! Must try it sometime!