Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

It's coming up to Mother's Day! The one day of the year you can treat your mum without any excuse and pamper her to bits! It's also one time where most people. like me, have to idea what to get them! I'm really bad at buying my mum presents for Mother's Day as I have no idea what to buy most years. Here are some little ideas for gifts you can buy!

1. Perfume

If you know what you're mothers favourite perfume is, then buy her some! Or just some she might like. It's a common present but I think it's an easy but nice one to get. It makes it alot easier if you know what scents she likes too.

2. Jewellery

Get her some jewellery! I think jewellery is such a beautiful and sentimental present and you can't really go wrong. It can be gold, silver or bronze and can range between necklaces, earrings or rings. I'm sure most mothers wear jewellery so this is a lovely gift idea.

3. Skincare

Your mum may not be into the beauty side of things but maybe she likes skincare. If she does, it would make a nice present and she'd probably love it! Take note of what products she likes and what brands, see what she's running out of and maybe experiment a little by getting her a few of your recommendations!

4. Haircare

If she doesn't like beauty or skincare, she might be interested in haircare! Have a look at what she already owns, see what she is into and think outside of the box. There are so many hair products and brands out there, so pick wisely!

Vikki xoxo

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