Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hair Care Products! (Updated)

Hello bloggers!

I'm just going to take you through some of the hair products that I have and love. This is an updated blog post as I have done this before but ages ago. Hopefully this helps some of you with reviews or will give you ideas on what to buy! Enjoy!

The shampoo I use is the TRESemme Colour Fade Protection Shampoo. I use this because I dye my hair a lot and I find it really helps to stop fading and protects my hair. It also makes it smell amazing and feel so silky.
This is the TRESemme Colour Fade Protection Condition which goes with the shampoo above and it's as amazing as the shampoo. I got these in a twin value pack.

This is the Insette Clubbers Hairspray. This is nearly finished but it was a great hairspray that really kept my hair in place all day.

This is the Professional Touch Salon Hairspray and is basically the same as the one above.

This is the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray and I love this so much. This is a great product and I love the brand too.

This is the VO5 heat protect styling spray. This is a great product as it protects from really high heats. Also I love how it has a nozzle which is so handy but not very travel friendly.
This is the Girlz Only Dry Shampoo and it's one of my favourites. It's a really cheap brand from a drugstore but it's very good for the price.

This is the Avon Advance Techniques Firm Hold Hair Spray and this is actually finished but it was a really good product which I will hopefully be repurchasing.

This is the Sinful Moments Dry Shampoo and it's my all time favourite to use. I love it and I buy it from Superdrug.

This is the Killer Volume Volumising Dry Shampoo and it's really good to use if you're going on a night out and you are styling your hair.

This is the Avon Advance Techniques Styling Heat Protect Spray and this is one of my favourite heat protect sprays. It's also more travel friendly than the VO5 one and it's pretty compact.

This is the Style Expertise Anti-Frizz Serum and this is a lifesaver. It's so good and really tames down my frizz after a shower.

This is the Hask Argan Oil From Morocco and it's so good. This is a recent purchase and I haven't used it much but it really makes my hair smooth and smell amazing.
❤ What's your favourite hair product? ❤
Lots of love,
Vikki x

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