Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Flower Crowns!

Hello bloggers!

The big trend going around lately this summer has been flower crowns. I must admit, I'm late with this one but now that I've tried it, I love it.
Recently I was at a music festival and everyone was wearing one, even my 5 year old niece bought one! (she looked adorable) so I thought it was time I got one, seeing as they were selling them.
I went for a small one to start off with as the big ones are a bit extreme sometimes! I got this little pink one for £4 and it has leaves which hand down the back of your hair.
I really like this and I wore it for the rest of the festival, it's more of a summer thing and summer is nearly over but I hope to get wear out of this!
I highly suggest you buy one if you haven't already!

 ❤ Do you have a flower crown? ❤
Lots of love,
Vikki x

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