Thursday, 5 February 2015

Rimmel Apocalips Review & Swatches!

Hey everyone!

Today I got my hand on these beauties! So many people have spoken about these and they new version, Provocalips. I have never tried them before so when they were reduced, I grabbed them. I got them in 3 shades and for some reason, I can't find ANY shade on these products!? If you know the shades then let me know in the comments please!
I decided to review and swatch them for you. The brightest colour of lipgloss seems really messy in the picture but these are so so hard to apply without a lip liner! So I would advise using a lip liner first for a neater look.


Lightest shade:

This is proabably my favourite as I love a nude shade on my lips. I think this would look nice on fair/tanned skin as long as you're not too pale so it doesn't wash you out. I don't think it would be as good on super dark skin tones.

Middle shade:

This is my second favourite as it's not too nude and it's got a little spot of pink tones throughout. This could basically go with any makeup look, but not too smokey It's a very girly colour.

Brightest shade:

This is the hardest to apply without lip liner as you can tell in the picture, it's quite messy. Also, this is my least favourite colour as it's very bright (looks more muted on camera). 

The formula of these lip products is different to what I've had before. They're very creamy and long lasting. They aren't too sticky but your lips will stick together a little if you deliberately squish them together. I've got to rate these a 7/10 overall.

Have you tried these?

Vikki xoxo

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