Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Top 5 Favourite Outfits!

Hey everyone!

This is a little fashion blog post for you guys! It's my top 5 favourite outfits! This isn't dedicated to a certain season either. I hope you enjoy, I'll try and remember where each thing was from and how much it is but bear with me!


Top : Primark
Jeans : Primark


Top : Primark
Jeans : Primark
Necklace : New Look


Top : Primark
Jeans : Primark


Top : Primark
Leggings : No idea!


Top : Primark
Jeans : I can't remember!
Shoes : Ebay

Hope you enjoyed this little fashion post. As you can see, primark is my favourite shop ha! (I also love them jeans)

Lots of love,
Vikki xo

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