Friday, 31 October 2014

What's On My iPhone Tag!

Hey everyone!

I saw this tag going round a lot and it's been going around for ages! I don't have an iPhone but I do have an iPod so it's a little different! I do have a lot of apps, so bear with it ha! I hope you enjoy :)

Here is my lock screen, how tumblr of me!

This is my home screen and I love it :) It's Patrick Duffy & Julie Gonzalo who play Bobby and Pamela Ewing in my favourite TV show, Dallas! :) I also have The Pointless Book App here!

This is just the first part, all the apps that come with the apple device. There is FaceTime, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Videos, Maps, Weather, Passbook, Notes, Reminders, Clock, Game Center, Newstand, iTunes, App Store, Settings. Then along the bottom I have Messages, Mail, Safari and Music.

Then along the top is more of the apps that come with it, Stocks, Voice Memos, Calculator, Contacts & Google. I then have 7 folders!

The first folder is called 'Watch'. In here I have Capital FM, YouTube, Shazam, Netflix and iTube.

The next folder is 'Social'. In here I have, Kik, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Twitter, Wattpad, Vine and Google+.

The next folder is called 'Photography'. In here I have Flipagram, Retrice, CamWowPro, Camstar, Twister, Photogrid, Whitagram, Photo Editor+, PicsArt and VSCOcam.

The next folder is Games and although it's full I hardly ever use this folder! In here is Aerox, Minion Rush, Subway Surf, Jetpack, Flappy Bird, Hexagon, Quizup, Timeline, Mad Libs, Tippy Tap, 94s and MSP. (I just deleted most haha)

The next folder is 'Random' and in here I have Big Day Lite, Dreamdays, TalkLife & Beautylish.

Next folder is called 'Loose Apps'. In here I have the MarcusButler App, Blogger (obvs), Calm, Shots, Circle, myMail, Nando's, blinkbox and Depop.

The final folder I have is named 'Entertainment'. In here is FontCandy, Zoella, InstaSize, FontCandy+, Afterlight and then Argos & BBC Weather. (I don't know why these are in this folder! Oops!)

So that's all I have on my iPod! I hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love
Vikki xo

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