Friday, 31 October 2014

My First Q&A!

Hello bloggers!

So I took to twitter recently to ask you guys if you had any questions! I got quite a few so here they are, answered for you :) My twitters are: @topshopzoella & @piecesofbeautyx so feel free to follow :)

Izzy asks:
Favourite shop right now for autumn clothes?

- I don't shop at a particular store for autumn clothes but right now Primark has some nice things so I'm gonna say Primark!

Katie asks:
Favourite piece of clothing to wear during autumn?

- In general, jumpers and sweatpants are my favourite! I like to keep nice and cosy to jumpers outside and sweatpants inside makes me feel autumnal :)

Katie also asks:
What's your favourite thing about autumn time?

- Having the fire going and all the leaves falling off the trees! :) I love being cosy by the fire and I like watching day by day how all the leaves turn brown and fall off, it's beautiful :)

Kealy asks:
Favourite fall colour to include in your makeup?

- To be honest, I don't really change much about my makeup look when it's autumn time as I keep it quite natural as an everyday look but I think berry is a great fall colour for your makeup.

Alice asks:
What's your favourite foundation and what's your favourite winter clothes?

- If you say my foundation collection blog post, you'll know I have quite alot! But right now I have been LOVING the L'Oreal True Match Foundation, I love it so much and it really matches my skin tone! My favourite winter clothing item is winter jackets :)

Elisha asks:
Favourite autumn scent?

- I love this question but it's quite hard to answer. In a perfume, something musky or hardwood kind of smell but not too much, making sure it's still feminine :)

Elisha also asks:
Favourite autumn nail polish?

- Something dark, like a dark red. I usually like bright nail colours but for autumn time I think a dark maroon or berry colour is perfect.

Thank you for sending in all your questions! :)

Lots of love,
Vikki x

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